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Kostas Patsaras

Student, Web Developer and Junior Software Engineer, Musician, Hobbyist Photographer.

Short bio!

I study Computer Science at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I am currently at the last year of my studies and intend to have a postgraduate degree in Data Science, at AUTh.

I was born in 8 January 1996, live in Thessaloniki, Greece and speak English and German.

I work as a Junior Web Developer at Panther Racing AUTh.

I work as a Technology Assistant at Panther Racing AUTh.

Member of Backdrop CMS Project. Currently working on Documentation and Organization Team. I occasionaly fix issues on Backdrop core.

I play guitar and occasionaly write songs.

My Skills

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript


C and C++


Wordpress CMS



Apache HTTP Server

Photoshop and GIMP

Github and TortoiseSVN

This period, developing my skills in the field of Machine Learning. Actively working on my thesis, "Object Detection on Hyperspectral Images"

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